Offshore was formed in early 2004 and has provided a creative space for some of the top musicians from the Garden Route in collaborations deeply based in the jazz tradition and, in line with that tradition, always open to exploration into fusions with other genres, particularly world music, funk and reggae.

The ensemble has carved out a niche on the Garden Route, collaborating with visiting musicians such as Chris Tokalon, New York saxophonist Sam Thomas and leading interpreter of Thelonius Monk, Gary Wittner.

In late 2006 the trio began a musical relationship with the masterful classical and jazz guitarist Jonathan Crossley culminating in a recording with Crossley in April 2007 as the rhythm section on the critically acclaimed album Funk for the Shaolin Monk.

In 2007 a series of local gigs with saxophonist extraordinaire, Buddy Wells and world-renowned trumpeter Marcus Wyatt exposed a natural resonance that led to the recording of the band's second album - Incident. The album receives airplay on national jazz radio shows and has created quite a stir, with articles in the Weekend Argus and Classic Feel magazine among others, despite the fact that it is only distributed at gigs. The extended ensemble was proud to perform at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival 2008 and gave a sell-out performance at the 2009 Standard Bank Jazz Festival at Grahamstown which was enthusiastically praised in the CUE festival newspaper - "had Manfred Eicher been present with a recording desk ECM would have had an instant addition to their catalogue".

The trio also works with vocalists Wendy Oldfield - who moulds her soulful voice gracefully into the jazz genre - and Haydn Gardner - an exciting songbook interpreter in the style of Frank Sinatra. I understand that this is not a very good rolex replica for you at present but this predilection you seem to have developed to be constantly haranguing the brand replica watches uk at more or less every opportunity is, for me personally, becoming tedious, it boring, predictable and sad. I just wish you could leave it alone and move on to pastures more positive. I also think this rolex replica sale plaguerism of someone else ideas, especially as it in a replica watches uk vein is poor. Are you going to start raving and bawling at us all, calling watches. I fail to see the point of rolex replica sale especially as it can further upset and ostracise a fair rolex replica of your viewing public. Of course most people, if not all, prefer that the channels they view be honest and congruent, the presenter giving as unbiased an rolex replica sale as is humanely possible.

The core ensemble comprises the following musicians:

Martin Wolfaardt - Piano
Paul Gibbings - Contrabass
Jonathan Sweetman - Drums